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The large Starfire sub-sector lies in the sectorial east, to the rimwards of Anton Antecedent and to the galactic south of Hesiod-Siculus. The sector has dense clusters of Imperial systems all around its borders – particularly the anti-spinwards and corewards regions, though the central core is largely empty.

Recent years have seen thirty per cent of the spinwards segmenta of this populous area annexed by the Tau Brightsword Protectorate, including a number of strategically important systems. Imperial cartography grudgingly redrew the spinwards reaches in late M41.017, in recognition that the region now belongs to the alien invaders. In addition, it is believed the empty core has acted as an entry point for Hivefleet Dagon, which has in turn other splinterfleets. Hiveships from AntonaBaphomet and Cerberus are known to have been spotted by picket ships in this otherwise largely empty area of space.

A number of conflicts have sparked as a result of this – not only against the Imperial inhabitants, but also against aboriginal species and ork piracy. Rumours are scant, but reports are emerging that the forces of the arch-enemy have arisen on many planets newly-claimed by the Tau – likely as a result of religious laxity, granting of civil liberties including religious freedom to the human inhabitants, or suppression of the Imperial Cult. This has ensure that the forces of the Brightsword Protectorate, long ascendant, are becoming increasingly entangled on a number of fronts – buying Imperial forces a rare chance to disengage and re-arm after defeats in the Dolor Debacle, and the loss of systems like Cyrus and Oracle.

Ascension +10; declenation 106; deiseil drift +/-3

Notable locations in this region

Planetary System
  • Argus
  • Closter
  • Harrow Terminal
  • Kamas
Planetary System
  • Bothusion Prime
  • Shale
Planetary System
  • Clinth Prime
  • Clinth Tertius
  • Aonill
Natural phenomena
Planetary System
  • Din
  • Cortisa
Planetary System
Planetary System
  • Phael
  • Mantau'lor
Planetary System
  • Onna Oke
  • Innis Pierce
  • Barak's Arsenal
  • Rye
  • DHSS belt
  • Carbide
  • Pi-Nmass
  • Camber's Swell
  • Naforf
  • Nonehead
Planetary System
  • Pellucidas Prima
  • Carypit
  • Ghothome
Planetary System
  • Liminal Primary
  • Scarceacre
  • Wulthuz
  • Liminal Secondary
  • The Crooked Reef
  • Liminal Tertiary
Planetary System
  • Sorv
  • Duoden
  • Fygs Ring
Planetary System
  • Stapwell's World
Planetary System
  • Gargamas
  • Lym Sylan
  • Lym Terminal
  • Politos
Large spacecraft