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Bothusion (Shale)

Planetary System

Lying to the galactic north of the Genoa Expanse, the Bothusion system was prosperous and relatively safe, protected as it was by its low strategic value and the more tempting targets to the galactic south. It is worth noting that the system sits at the end of a branch of common space lanes throughout the sub-sector, and may have even been passed over for colonisation if it did not boast a slightly above average level of resources. Although the Clinth system has a much higher level of output (agri and otherwise), Bothusion had often been able to pick up the slack in the event of invasion or large scale industrial disaster halting production elsewhere in the sub-sector.

Unfortunately the relatively peaceful lives of Bothusion's citizens came to an abrupt halt when a massive conglomeration of Tyranids, including Splinter Fleets Antona, Baphomet and Cerberus emerged from the Boten Nebula and attacked Bothusion Prime. Imperial sector command responded by sending a task force of Imperial Guard armies, but their counter attack was unsuccessful and Bothusion Prime was destroyed. This failed operation came to be known as the Bad Day at Bothusion Prime.

As Bothusion Prime is no longer in Imperial hands the star system is now sometimes referred to as the Shale system, after the secondary inhabited planet. However this should be considered an unofficial or slang designation and not an official change to Imperial stellar cartography charts. 

Bothusion Prime

Bothusion Prime was a gently mountainous highland world with mining cities built amongst the cloudy upper peaks, and rolling farms spread across the foothills and glens. Classified as a civilised world, working conditions were not as harsh as elsewhere in the sector. Although mining output was climbing at a rate of 5% with each tithe, farming output had dropped woefully over the past few years. This had been attributed to a series of long, lazy summers, in addition to the lax working attitude of the lowland population, which was already a matter of record.

Infamously known for sharing the relaxed outlook of the lowland communities, the two Guard regiments drafted for each decade's tithe were not noted as particularly effective fighters. The exception are the regiment's Sentinel pilots, who were exclusively recruited from the amongst the powerlifter Sentinel pilots of the mountain mines. A total of seventeen medals have been awarded to Bothusion Sentinel pilots in the past two thousand years for varied acts of skill and bravery.

Bothusion Prime's climate was temperate all year round, and the planet's seas - while small - were filled with fresh, unpolluted water. The sector governor had an official holiday residence somewhere in amongst the hills, but no governor had visited for several generations, and its exact location is currently listed as "mis-filed".

All this has come to an end however, and if the Tyranids have followed their usual MO, then Bothusion Prime is now little more than blasted bedrock. This has not been visually confirmed as the Imperial task force was driven off during the final stages of Tyrannoforming, but no fate other than total destruction is deemed likely for the planet.

The planet has two moons, the larger known as Father and the smaller as Son. Unusually, both are all but uninhabited as they are little more than airless balls of regiolith. Trace minerals are present, but while abundant mineral wealth remains on Bothusion it has not been deemed viable to extract them. Father was home to a standard Vigilence-pattern listening post consisting of a crew of five and a section of ten Guardsmen. Posting to the listening station for the six week guard shift was often used as punishment detail for disipline infractions amongst any regiments stationed on Bothusion. However the listening station was confirmed as over-run and destroyed during the initial stages of the Tyranid invasion.



Shale is a small desert world covered in uneven dusty terrain and vast seas of finely ground rock. Small scale mining colonies designed to harvest the modest mineral resources are dotted across the solid areas of Shale's surface. So far two larger scale mining operation have been established in the dust seas, but the giga-rigs have both disappeared without trace.

Various theories have been offered concerning the fate of these constructs, including Demiurg raids, fatal dust-static build up and attack by an as yet unidentified massive indiginous dust serpent. No evidence has ever been presented for any of these theories.

Shale survived the Tyranid invasion of the Bothusion system unscathed. This could have been due to its relatively low levels of biomass or another darker reason. The planet is currently contests by forces of the Imperium, Tau Empire, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Chaos Marines and Chaos Daemons. This escalating conflict is known as the 'Soul of Shale' campaign.

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+++Inquisitorial addendum, M41.280113+++

Events have spiralled out of control, and the planet has fallen to the Enemy. While post-action reports are still being analysed (see attached sub-reports II–MIV), it has become clear that a fell being of the Immaterium has laid claim to a powerful warp gate beneath the surface. Imperial forces have been all but annihilated during the conversion of the Northern hemisphere to a hellscape.

Sample casualty reports for the 3rd Army are below:

  • Marathon 1001st Armoured Cavalry – 87.66% – remainder amalgamated with Lamb’s World 12th Armoured. Temporary designate Marathon 12/1001 Battle Company (Reserve).
  • Lastrati 8th Rifles – Total.
  • Lamb’s World 45th Mechanised – Total.
  • Lamb’s World 117th Regiment of Foot – 99.99% destroyed. Lone survivor has been forwarded to office of Inquisitor Unfortunus Veck, by order of Interrogator Piotr Prosion.
  • Braun 81st Regular Skitarii – 91.13%; remainder disbanded and relieved.
  • Lamb’s World 12th Armoured Regiment – remainder amalgamated with Marathon 1001st Armoured Cavalry. Temporary designate Marathon 12/1001 Battle Company (Reserve).
  • Sigma-Agrian 4th – Total.

Casualty reports for the 2nd Army are similar. 1st Army lighter, but remainder is combat incapable; believed Brigade strength <1500 men on active duty.

These remarks are mentioned for completeness. It is my opinion that the planet is now no longer part of the Imperium of Man, and should be updated in charts as Verboten. In the baldest terms, my studies have led me to the opinion that this planet is – or was – an offshoot of the Necrontyr Empire. Each of the polar caps held a being (C'tan fraction designate) whose considerable powers were slaved to the control of a Warp artefact of antiquity (Cursus of Müaphien designate); keeping it secured below the surface and inactive.

Imperial excavations at the Polar Caps, along with damage traced to various Xeno-species to the planet-wide networks of psychically-attenuated monoliths (Fingerbones designate) disturbed the abilities of the Necrontyr technology to hold the Cursus, allowing it to surface. Following the events of the battle at the Pole, the Cursus has emerged and 84% of the Northern hemisphere has become infected with Warp energy. To all intents and purposes, it is only the Necrontyr's remaining 'anchor' at the antipodean pole that has prevented the planet becoming a full-scale Daemon world.

Information about this must be kept Above Top Secret for reasons of Imperial security. Recommendations:

  • Picket line support at Brigade strength be deployed near the equator until such time as further action can be resolved. Draw from across the subsector; Penal Legions. High Ministorum and Inquisitorial deployment a necessity to prevent recidivism and insanity. Moral failures to be executed forthwith; full sanction for bomb-collars/lobo-chips given.
  • Consideration for fleet action to bombard Northern areas with sanctified shells for indefinite period.
  • Necrontyr presence to be considered Green targets: non-contact pact desired.

The Emperor Protects.

Piotr Prosion

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