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Stapwell's World

Planetary System

Fifty years ago, Inquisitor Prosion visited Stapwell's World, and reported it as 'a busy, loyal and prosperous agriworld that provides a steady supply of material and sustenance to the Forgeworld Braun VI. It is otherwise distinguished by little save its unusually high tithe grades and the quality and number of its Well-feelers. It's beautiful ring systems and busy manufacturing concerns are well-protected by the loyal and motivated regiments of Hussars'. 

Roughly thirty years ago, Inquisitor Unfortunus Veck of the Ordo Xenos reported arriving at the planet and finding it absolutely deserted; scoured of all life down to alpha-primus level - the simplest conglomerations of amino acids possible. No explanation was ever given.
It is rumoured that the inquisition are investigating Prosion after a nmber of suspicious reports were filed.

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Imperial Sub-sector
Stapwell's World

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