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Planetary System

Named after an autocthonian deity believed to predate Old Night, the Argus system harbours a number of worlds important to the Starfire Subsector.

Closter is a Fortress World, whose population is kept either under arms or in reserve. The world boasts the elite 'Mastermen' gene-regiments, enhanced warriors famed for their ferocity and indefacitable nature, and a brooding Watch Station of the Deathwatch

Argus itself is the home of the infamous Red Catalogue, a library of banned books drawn from across the sector. It is guarded and attended by a rotating Honour Guard provided from the Battle Sisters of the sector. The planet itself is a bustling ecumenopolis, a hub for trade and dissemination of cultural notes.

A world of mild climate, Harrow Terminal gives provender to the other heavily-fortified worlds of the system. Its moons bristle with glittering banks of weaponry.

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Imperial Sub-sector
Harrow Terminal

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