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Planetary System

Home to a minor xenos species who give their name to the primary planet in the system, Din is an airy and pleasant world, washed by heavily-salinated pink seas. The Din are not an overtly aggressive species, but their Psynaesthetes are a well-known warrior group that use a psychically-enhanced form of armed combat. Operating in small, well-equipped groups, the Psynaesthetes are moderately successful as mercenaries, and have fought both against Imperial interests and in their employ.

Din mostly stand around eight to ten feet tall, with lithe, wiry frames and are orange in complexion. 


Cortisa is little more than an Imperial staging post to mark the limits of the Starfire sector. An airless moon, it is orbitted by a permanent deputation of Imperial Guardsmen from the subsector. Formerly under the protection of the Sons of Spectra, after the events of the Carypit Purges, the Stellar Steeds have landed a temporary deputation. 

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