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Planetary System

Protectorate of the insular Sons of Spectra Chapter, the Pellucidas system sits in the Starfire subsector, north of the Genosan Expanse.

The Chapter recruits from the blasted moors of Carypit, a rain-lashed world of broken rock, darkness and squat stone dwellings. It is a forbidding world, with thick black stormclouds and howling winds giving the impression that the occasional visitor is no more welcome than the taciturn inhabitants.

Closer to the star sits Pellucidas Prima, a civilised world that houses the Siege Cathedra, the throne and symbol of office of the Bishopric of Genosas, a Ministorum office that has come to be seen as a poisoned chalice. Prior to the events of the Carypit Purges, the Bishopric of Genosas was relatively politically important in the sector, as it encompassed systems including Stapwell's World and Peckim, and ministered to the millions of pilgrims that crossed the expanse in the traditional Starfire Pilgrimage.

Following the Purges, the Sons of Spectra have all but declared the system a no-go area, strangling shipping into and out local space. While Pellucidsas Prima survives as a Munitorum repository and processing area, the Ministorum's hold over the area has waned. The late Sectorial Ecclesiarch Antimony Laim II used this to his advantage, to move ambitious, disloyal or firebrand priests to the Bishopric under the guide of a favourable promotion. In actuality, any burgeoning support and power they had massed would be met with suspicion and hostility by the brooding Sons of Spectra.

Furthest from the star is the deadworld Ghothome, a black pearl that twinkles seductively in the sky for the other inhabitants of the system. The planet, once a feudal world of blackpowder technology, was glassed by antimatter-catalysed hydrogen bombs in mid M34. The precociously high technology level was a cause for investigation by the Inquisition. Despite the relative lack of import of the planet, the event was used as the pretext for investigation into the Sons of Spectra, and allowed the infiltration of numerous elements that eventually built to the events of the Carypit Purges.

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