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Planetary System

An unremarkable system, loyal to the Imperium and containing three inhabited and prosperous worlds.

Clinth Prime:
System capital, See-Prim (as it is known locally) houses an orbital dockyard and raises an average of three well-equipped guard regiments alongside its protowheat shipments each tithe.

Clinth Tertius:
An agri/hiveworld, known as See-Tre to the hivedwellers, that produces an abundance of megafauna – far beyond its needs. Excess rhinodon and porcuswine shipped out make the bulk of the sub-sectors' protein rations.

A pure agriworld, Aonmill was seeded with porcuswine and grox farms in addition to protowheat and jumbella orchards millennia ago. The planet is prosperous and well-defended, its guardsmen surprisingly resourceful and hardbitten for such a soft environment. Ratling ghettoes are dotted amongst the settlements, and the major cities nearly always have an influential ratling quarter.

This location is part of

Imperial Sub-sector
Clinth Prime
Clinth Tertius

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