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Thesian Terminal

Planetary System

Owing to narrow warp corridors, Thesian Terminal serves as a waypoint into the Starfire subsector from both the corewards and rimwards regions, and as such is heavily fortified. In particular, it serves as a principal route to the neighbouring Prodigium Os sector, rimwards of Antona Australis.

Politos is a fortress world, and supplies numerous heavily-armed infantrymen and tankers to the Imperial Guard. The Politine Regiments are justly-famous throughout the subsector, and have fought in numerous wars over the centuries. Many regiments can trace their lineage back thousands of years.

Lym Sylan is a tree-dense agriworld that has traditionally supplied the systems south of the Genosan Expanse. Prior to M40, the planet was frequently overtithed as systems demanded more supplies, which had led to a cycle of feast and famine throughout the southern part of the subsector. More recently, planets being swallowed up by the Brightsword Protectorate has had the unexpected benefit of freeing up supplies.

The civilised world Lym Terminal suffered from the depredations of Eldar attacks in late M37, and the former Hiveworld was reduced to a feudal level of civilisation. The inhabitants have been rebuilding ever since, and the populace is unusually progressive, forward-looking and optimistic.

Gargamas is a Forgeworld that has the proud boast that it homes the Titan Legion Legio Peragito.

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Lym Sylan
Lym Terminal

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