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By bob_hunk in

Recently I've been playing around with casting clear resin containing LEDs. Here is the result...

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Chaos Space Marines used to be a common sight on the gaming tables of the PCRC, but over the years they've fallen out of favour and been replaced by daemons, cultists or xenos. So recently we found ourselves brainstorming the return of traitors and renegades to the Antona Australis sector. I've shared the results below in case any other gaming groups out there are struggling for similar inspiration.

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Apologist and I played our first game of WH40K 6th edition last week, and our initial impression of the new rules is very positive. We kept things fairly simple and both took large infantry armies. I was a little worried that removing casualties from the front and the lack of initiative boost from Furious Charge would hinder the Orks, but they still did pretty well in combat, as well as laying down a lot of fire power.

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By the Apologist

'Twas the night before grimdark,
When all the PCRC,
Fall to eating and drinking,
And dreaming of spes mhr33nz*
The lads were nestled, all snug in their beds**
While visions of stormboyz danced in their heads***
And Catrin had so kindly (while Dave had a wee),
Settled us down with a dram of whiskey.