First Taste of WH40K 6th Edition


Apologist and I played our first game of WH40K 6th edition last week, and our initial impression of the new rules is very positive. We kept things fairly simple and both took large infantry armies. I was a little worried that removing casualties from the front and the lack of initiative boost from Furious Charge would hinder the Orks, but they still did pretty well in combat, as well as laying down a lot of fire power.

I can possibly see the rules for challenges being a problem for Orks though. I don't know about you, but my PK Nobs tend to do most of the krumping in assault, but if they're restricted to fighting one opponent for the first round then that could blunt the charge of the average mob...

Flyers seemed nicely balanced. My Dakka Jet was fairly powerful, but once it started coming under fire it was soon forced to run for cover.

Can't wait to get some more games in. More boyz is definitely the order of the day!