Themes for Chaos Warbands in 40K


Chaos Space Marines used to be a common sight on the gaming tables of the PCRC, but over the years they've fallen out of favour and been replaced by daemons, cultists or xenos. So recently we found ourselves brainstorming the return of traitors and renegades to the Antona Australis sector. I've shared the results below in case any other gaming groups out there are struggling for similar inspiration.

The Foil. A traditional enemy of one of the established sector chapters would be fun. Iron Warriors are a front runner here I think, along with Black Legion. In fact the Black Legion would allow you to revisit themes and ideas from your Sons of Horus army.

The Fallen. Fallen Dark Angels! The new Cypher dataslate contains rules for them. Perfect for Bob Hunk's Deathwing to hunt! ;)

The Renegade. A modern renegade chapter, perhaps looking to set themselves up as 'Pirate Kings' in the Vectum Isolation (see Antona Australis cartography), in a similar manner to the Red Corsairs and the Maelstrom.

The Traitor. A treacherous faction of one of the Space Marine chapters listed under the PCRC's notable military forces, providing their "owner" was ok with it ofc. Traitor Stars of Dorn, perhaps? ;)

The Plot Device. The Alpha Legion have long been mentioned in sector background. Perhaps it's time they played their hand and emerged from the shadows...?

The Nerd Rage. The II or XI legion, returned and corrupted. The Dark Gods will feast upon nerd tears! :D

The Tyrant. A proper PCRC visit to the Badab sector is long overdue. ;) Perhaps these guys are the Red Corsairs - the former Astral Claws along with the most corrupted elements of the Executioners and Lamenters - come to investigate the Vectum Isolation as a home-away-from-home? Elements of three diverse chapters gives the excuse for a variety of modelling, as well as some allied Guard to represent the 'Tyrant's Legion'. They could also act as 'The Foil' for Apologist's Novamarines and Trojan Ninja's Space Sharks.

The Throwback. Generate a 'generic' warband and a new chaos power to worship using the old Realm of Chaos rules as a base!

All of the Above. A truly chaotic warband that mixes elements of many or all of the ideas listed above.

So there we are, hopefully these ideas might provide a little inspiration. And remember, the Chaos Gods turn no-one away...