Just what exactly is this PCRC anyway?

The PCRC has variously been described as:

  • nine men with more money than sense
  • a gestalt entity
  • to gaming, what Tyranids are to biomass
  • a sexy mystery....  umm , maybe not.
  • a host of parasitic insects
  • only in your mind
  • a playpen for the rich and famous
  • the last refuge of international playboys with a string of private truescale yachts
  • not ready yet
  • to gaming, what monkeys are to Zoo visits
  • a glue fueled giggle fest of gibbering geek men
  • drunk
  • a delectable ensemble of assorted rogues and vagabonds. Sexy sexy vagabonds.. yeah
  • Erudite
  • made of win
  • all up in your crib, wearing your bling
  • an elaborate ruse
  • unrepentant
  • Alpharius
  • in your base, teaching diction
  • wibbly
  • responsible for two world wars and one world cup
  • well meaning, but incompetent
  • a terrible, terrible error, not meant for this world


Or, if you actually want to know...

 The PCRC is a small gaming group based in the UK. This website is here to provide an outlet for our painting/modelling logs, galleries and other articles. Please feel free to have a poke around.