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International Man of Mystery?


Lord Gloom
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Ahhh the glorious PCRC, if only Lord Gloom had more time for this organisation!  Captain Repost likes playing many games, and he doesnt like losing very much (sorry everyone else).  He likes modelling and even painting but his skills are not as high as most of the rest of the PCRC and is content to watch them excel now whilst still enjoying opportunities to meet up and game.  Omricon is a dad now, which explains much of why he is so busy along with an ongoing love of computer games.

99% of Imperials give the other 1% a bad name.
You cant kill them faster than they are being born!

Army Information

Armies Played: 
Imperial Guard
Bad Moons Orks
Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines

Getting to know you

Least favourite model ever: 
Personal GW bugbear: 
That they do everything to kill the cheap and fun and quick games like Space Hulk and Necromunda and ham up the expensive less fun ones.
Favourite Arnie Quote: 

I had to let heeem go

What ONE superhero power would you have?: 
The power to give myself more hours in a day
Second most embarassing hobby: 
Computer Games