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By Lucifer216

Occasionally, there are times when I am forced to take a long hard look at myself and my relationship with our glorious hobby. The latest of these came, after shelling out a hefty sum on a new Skaven army. This was sparked by the realisation that if I was to get hold of the new Warhammer rules, I’d rather get a bunch of nice minatures rather than a rulebook that could be used as a bludgeoning weapon and which would be made obsolete in about four years time. I then had sudden flashbacks to my poor neglected Imperial Guard army, which has still yet to see the light of day.

By Lucifer216 in

Okay, young padawans,

Today's lesson is on the art of getting Gamesworkshop models on the cheap.

Now, there are four main resources you should use:

1) Online discount sales companies

2) The above, but in the form of private individuals or games groups, who only sell to the general public so that they can continue to buy models from GW at wholesale prices.

3) Ebay

By bob_hunk in

The latest addition to Team Fisto is this Deredo-class Dreadnought. Just needs some snow on the base, and he's all set for action! Coming next, Tactical Marines...probably...




By Apologist

Managed to put together a few more Astartes last night, so the push is beginning...

WIP Brother Urcshart

Brother Urcshart


WIP Brother Waldokin

Brother Waldokin


WIP Brother Fainharick

By Apologist in

Rhino for Graham

...and a bit more work on Brother Dmitr:

Struggling a bit with how to detail the marines, but hopefully a few ideas will raise their heads when I'm not so bogged down!

By bob_hunk in

The PCRC continue to work feverishly on Team Fisto. Here are some WIP contributions from me...

Rogal Dorn and his Huscarl bodyguards

Rogal Dorn and his Huscarl bodyguards

Adeptus Custodes Kataphracts

Adeptus Custodes Kataphracts

Imperial Fists Captain

By Apologist in

In grimdark future, yellow scares *you*

<Inloading datasquirt +++ Operandus Tallarn Theatre +++>

To kick off this blog, here's an example of how I paint yellow – with a quick dose of Mango spray paint, followed by a Leviathan Purple wash. Purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so a subtle hint of it really helps the yellow to pop in the recesses, and helps knock back the 'glowing' effect that really bright yellow can have.

By bob_hunk in

Ok, so as promised in my last blog entry, here's my test model for the Heresy-era Imperial Fists army that is my current project. It'll be composed almost entirely of models from the days of Rogue Trader, since I like that sort of thing. ;)



By bob_hunk in

Inspired by Apologist's amazing true-scale Ultramarines, I decided to have a go myself a little while back. My goals are slightly less ambitious - a mere 500 points is the target, but this is ideal for GW's 40k doubles tournaments. :)

By Apologist in

First off, why paint?

There are a thousand answers to this question, but I think a good one is just that having painted miniatures makes them look better. Simple block colours immediately add interest to a miniature, and making them attractive is a big part of why the hobby appeals to me – there're few things more rewarding than someone going 'Coo, that's interesting!'.