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The Chronicles of Lord Blood


LordBloodThe Hungry, occasionally known as Vultan
About him: 
Forged from pure rage against cheating, in a cauldron of blood with no dinner. Lord Blood has waged unceasing war against the galaxy's mouthbreathing power gamers. Have you ever used Tetras as speed bumps? He's bringing a hammer next time to teach you the error of your ways. Are you a spong? If so keep looking over your shoulder, it may be you he comes for next.
It was a great game, he was cheating and I still beat him

Army Information

Armies Played: 
Bad Moon Orks (counts as 5 armies. Seriously)
World Eaters
Khornate Daemons
Ythranmir Eldar Guardian Army

Getting to know you

Least favourite model ever: 
Snivellers cardboard wave serpent, 2nd ed. Chaos terminators and berserkers
Personal GW bugbear: 
Bloody FAQ's! They keep writing good rules in books and then nerfing them and making them non-sensical with a FAQ which you don't find out about. *rage...building* And when they remove characterful things which don't need fixing, and don't fix the abusive parts. *rrarrraaaghh*
Favourite Arnie Quote: 
"When yoo hayave your dinner, I hope you leave enough room in your stomach for my feeeest as I'm going to ram it in your stomach and riup out your gaddammn spine." Also: "If it's a boy; Junior. If it's a girl; Junior as well"
What ONE superhero power would you have?: 
He already has the power of Super-Rage(TM). So the ability to go big and green.
Second most embarassing hobby: 
Talking about things I don't do anymore.