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Stuntwedge or grahamgilchrist on some forums
Real name: 
About him: 

StuntWedge was sent here from the planet Kyrpton as a baby by his father Jor-El to save the planet Earth.

His strengths are his humility and his weakness is that he's just a bit too Awesome.

He designs websites for a living, likes making videos and really likes waffles

Army Information

Armies Played: 
Space Marines

Getting to know you

Least favourite model ever: 
Capeeetaain Cortaaiiizz
Personal GW bugbear: 
Those freakin' crisis suit torsos that never line up properly! Also that damned True LOS in 5th edition. Grrrr.
Favourite Arnie Quote: 

"Get tooo zeee chopppaaaa" / "Come uunh, keeel meee, whayat ayare yoo waiteeng for, keeel me cheecken sheet!"

What ONE superhero power would you have?: 
The power to not burn my hands when taking things out of the oven. I mean sheesh man, like *every* time!
Second most embarassing hobby: 
Designing websites like this?