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By Lucifer216

After much frenzied typing, I've finally finished creating a new villian for the Antona Australis Sector: Germax Sahawat.

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I’m currently playing Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion on my PC after having played it quite a lot on my old iPad (before a patch upped the system requirements to the point that it became unplayable). Here are some tips I have from my time playing it:

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Hi all, 

Here's a list of some of the most effective painting recipes I've come across in my travels. Please note that I'm not the original author in most cases - where I know the creator their name is listed. I've kept to the original paint names as the new range isn't an exact match.

Nurgle Daemon Skin

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Recently I've been playing around with casting clear resin containing LEDs. Here is the result...

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Chaos Space Marines used to be a common sight on the gaming tables of the PCRC, but over the years they've fallen out of favour and been replaced by daemons, cultists or xenos. So recently we found ourselves brainstorming the return of traitors and renegades to the Antona Australis sector. I've shared the results below in case any other gaming groups out there are struggling for similar inspiration.

By Omricon in

This is an Aeronotica Imperialis Scenario inspired by a famous Sci Fi Movie and set in the M37 Scallop Star Purges.

Trench Run


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Welcome to part two of my guide for working with LEDs and toy soldiers. In this blog post I'm going to demonstrate some basic soldering tips.

1. Secure the LED

First you'll need something to hold the LED (or the model component that it's mounted in) steady. Purpose built clamps and armatures are available, but I find you can't beat a big lump of blu tack. 

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This is a guide to painting Tyranids quickly to a good tabletop standard. I've been using this technique to get my army ready for the PCRC's Cold Feet on Frigia campaign. I'll be referencing some older paint names (as I still have lots of them) but working out the modern equivilents shouldn't be too hard (there's a link to the conversion guide here).



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 Welcome to the first part of my guide to working with LEDs and toy soliders. Part one will deal with selecting LEDs and designing your circuit. Later parts will discuss inserting them into models. I'm going to assume you know how to use a soldering iron to solder two bits of wire together, but otherwise I'll attempt to start from the basics.