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Managed to put together a few more Astartes last night, so the push is beginning...

WIP Brother Urcshart

Brother Urcshart


WIP Brother Waldokin

Brother Waldokin


WIP Brother Fainharick

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Rhino for Graham

...and a bit more work on Brother Dmitr:

Struggling a bit with how to detail the marines, but hopefully a few ideas will raise their heads when I'm not so bogged down!

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In grimdark future, yellow scares *you*

<Inloading datasquirt +++ Operandus Tallarn Theatre +++>

To kick off this blog, here's an example of how I paint yellow – with a quick dose of Mango spray paint, followed by a Leviathan Purple wash. Purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so a subtle hint of it really helps the yellow to pop in the recesses, and helps knock back the 'glowing' effect that really bright yellow can have.

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First off, why paint?

There are a thousand answers to this question, but I think a good one is just that having painted miniatures makes them look better. Simple block colours immediately add interest to a miniature, and making them attractive is a big part of why the hobby appeals to me – there're few things more rewarding than someone going 'Coo, that's interesting!'.

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By the Apologist

'Twas the night before grimdark,
When all the PCRC,
Fall to eating and drinking,
And dreaming of spes mhr33nz*
The lads were nestled, all snug in their beds**
While visions of stormboyz danced in their heads***
And Catrin had so kindly (while Dave had a wee),
Settled us down with a dram of whiskey.