Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion tips

I’m currently playing Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion on my PC after having played it quite a lot on my old iPad (before a patch upped the system requirements to the point that it became unplayable). Here are some tips I have from my time playing it:

  • Don’t be afraid to try switching in new marines in when replaying good xp grind missions on Veteran difficulty to quickly level them up. A relatively green recruit with a Tier II bolter can still take a hormagaunt down pretty swiftly.
  • The Blood Angel special ability, Black Rage, is extremely powerful but very situational. Give your Blood Angels short range weaponry and keep them out of LOS with their team mates so you can use it as often as possible without losing squad mates to friendly fire.
  • As there is no cover mechanic other than LOS, be prepared to use your marines to shield the Devastator(s) when fighting Carnifexes or Hive Tyrants.
  • Similarly, look out for abilities that allow a marine to reduce all damage taken in a single turn by 90-100%. Have such abilities ready during boss fights, so that they can tank an entire round of damage (the AI seems to target the closest marine more often than not).
  • Due to the riposte mechanic, positioning an assault marine so that he’s next to a load of low-threat enemies but doesn’t have enough AP left to kill them in his turn can work out quite well, as he’ll probably kill most of them during their turn. If you’re going to do this, trying to stack melee damage reduction is probably a good idea and this approach works best with powerfists (each riposte becomes equivalent to two free APs).
  • Melta and Plasma weapons’ damage output spikes massively as your marines’ crit ratings go up. Take an Auspex along for when everyone’s in position to take down a boss or when your squad is danger of being swamped.
  • Think carefully before taking a plasma weapon that can overheat on a marine with the free fire ability. Overheats happen annoyingly often and really cut into the amount of damage free fire can cause.
  • Rather than going for flashy upgrades initially, spend your marines’ XP on accuracy – if they’re not hitting, they’re not doing damage. Once the cost to level them up is equivalent to some of the juicer upgrades, switch to buying upgrades.
  • Higher Tier weapons are typically less accurate, but Tier II weapons can typically still be used to good effect by rookies. Also a very few Tier IV items have a huge accuracy bonus. 
  • Manage your inventory carefully – frequently prune it to ensure that you can buy new packs of cards as frequently as possible.
  • Learn which missions are the most deadly – don’t start a mission against Carnifexes or Hive Tyrants when you have a marine just 2000xp off a 20,000xp upgrade – do an easier one first, buy the upgrade and then go in.
  • Make good use of Plasma weapons’ overcharge ability – particularly with Plasma Cannons, it’s your best means of taking out big gribblies relatively quickly.