Notable Conflicts

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031: The Search for Sibley

Notable conflict

Hostile armies draw ever closer to the Capitaline Ravine of Golosc, the vast ice plains shaking to the rumbling movement of mighty war engines and the thundering tread of a million warriors. But the Ravine and the billions of souls within are not without their defenders. Pacts are made, oaths affirmed and defences manned. Reinforcements are pouring in from war zones all over the planet, but will the arrive in time, and which side will they be reinforcing...?

As the opposing armies manoeuvre for position above, deep below the ice infiltrators from all factions have penetrated the dark warrens of the under-Ravine. Rumour-has-it the Planetary Governess Sibley Veradecthis was forced to flee into the depths of the Ravine after a diplomatic mission went bad. All factions have an interest in capturing Governess Sibley; some want her as a figurehead to rally the tired defenders, others as a potent sacrifice or to convert her to their cause. It's just a matter of finding her first...

Scenario: Custom scenario played on Space Hulk boards. Each room contains a blip that could either be the Governess, armed civilians or rogue Tyranid organisms. Each player has a 200 point Kill Team with which to find and secure Governess Sibley.

A Hybrid psyker leads Genestealers from the Church of the Four Armed Emperor into the under-Ravine.

A Tau Stealth Team spreads out, keeping their distance from the Genestealers.

The faction commanders consult the hololith in the war room.

Night Lord mutilators corner a group of civilians as the Carcharodon's scouts move to secure the surrounding corridors.

The Night Lords find themselves surrounded as a Space Wolves hunting pack arrives on their other flank.

Sisters of Battle and Eldar have a wary stand-off on opposite sides of the blast door.

The factions spread out to search the nearby rooms, keeping a respectful distance from each other (for now). Only the Orks are yet to arrive.

The Space Wolves find more armed civilians, but still no sign of Sibley...

The Genestealers find another group of civilians. Their hypnotic gaze prevents the terrified humans from opening fire, but there's no time to implant them now!

A Kill Team of Chosen Word Bearers from the 34th grand company move forward in tight formation.

The Sisters of Battle are outflanked and are on the receiving end of a D-Scythe attack from the Wraithguard!

More civilians! A brief interrogation reveals that they have no idea where the Governess is either.

Surprise! The Ork Big Mek teleports in.

The depleted Dire Avengers stumble across rogue Tyranid bio-forms.

The Word Bearers attempt to beat the location of the Governess from the civilians, but they don't know anything either. Where is she hiding?

Startled by the sudden appearance of a Stealth Suit, the civilians open fire, forcing the Tau warrior to gun them down.

A Night Lords mutilator steam-rollers into the Carcharodon scouts, forcing them to halt their search.

The Inquisitor accompanying the Sisters of Battle confronts the Eldar Spirit Seer.

The civilians dive aside as Exarch and Librarian exchange fire!

Ork Lootas get the drop on the Genestealers.

At last! The Tau finally find Sibley and her bodyguard.

Secure the perimeter! The Stealth Suits form a cordon around the Governess' hiding place.

Meanwhile the Inquisitor finally bests the Spirit Seer.

Intercepted comm-traffic soon gives away Sibley's position, and the bloody and beaten survivors of the Kill Teams begin to converge on her position.

Out of my way you oafs! The Exarch desperate tries to fight his way through the panicking mob of civilians.

Stand down. Echinor issues a curt warning to the civilians. He won't say it twice.

Come with me if you want to live. The Tau Stealth team prepares to escort Sibley to the surface for extraction. But will they get her to safety before the Ravine is besieged...?

Tau Victory