Notable Conflicts

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020: Knock Knock

Notable conflict

Knock Knock
The Sanguinary Beatification (Lord Blood the Hungry) vs. Kelmon's Last Avowal (Apologist)
Purge the Alien (Hammer and Anvil deployment)

'I don't see anything, Honoured One...' – Areia of Iyanden, vox-incept: 4-030613-811-M41

Litter blows through the deserted streets of Grant's Quad, an outlying suburb of Rus Uster.

... alerted to invading aliens, cultists begin to congregate and boil up from cellars.

A gradual thundering resolves itself into the march of hundreds of feet, underpinned by the deep bass notes of the tread of Helbrutes.

Nervous guardians check about them as they advance into the rebel-held Ravine.

Eldar Pathfinders whisper range tallies to their comrades.

The Helbrute Külaed bursts through the wall and thunders towards the startled War Walker, watched by the helpless Rangers.

Pathfinders pick off cultists as they scale the central building.

...but they keep coming.

Kainan taunts the Eldar Pathfinders as he reaches the bridge.

High above street level, Kainan confronts the defiant Kelmonyr.

...and smashes him to the ground (again).

The Guardians set their defence and prepare to meet the maddened charge of the hordes of the Primordial Annihilator.

A warpsmith directs his followers forward.

The scene is unsettling, but Culen the Insufferable weaves spells of guidance and protection about the Guardians.

... but spells are little match for the Blood God's followers. The helbrute barrels forward impossibly quickly and begins to tear into the Guardians.

The Cultists advance to join in the slaughter.

Sneering at the fallen prince, the Dark Apostle orders his troops forward with a booming, commanding voice.

Külaed moves with terrifying speed and cuts the War Walker off at the legs.

The streets fall quiet once more, the groans of injured and dying eldar breaking the silence.