Notable Military Force

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Hunter Cadre Shas'ka Nan

Notable Military Force

Shas'o Shas'Ka Nan (literal translation: Star Sword, interpreted translation: StarBlade) was a pupil of the renegade Tau Commander Farsight. When Farsight's forces left the main tau empire to forge into the the Galactic north, Commander StarBlade followed. However, he soon tired of life in the Farsight Enclaves, and wished to annex more territory in the name of the Greater Good and regain favour with the ruling Ethereal Caste. To this end, StarBlade took his cadre westwards into the Antona Australis sector.

Whilst the cadre is far from Tau space and re-supply, StarBlade planned ahead – unlike many other elements of the Farsight enclaves – and requisitioned many supplies and units before leaving left the Tau homeworlds. As a result the cadre has a large military presence, including several starships and air support units. However, like the other enclaves, the cadre is military-based, consisting mostly of veteran fire, earth and air caste members.

Since the cadre is well equipped, yet far from re-supply, its dwindling number of warriors have become very experienced, and the cadre therefore specialises in high-technology-low-number strike attacks, typically using a large number of crisis suits dropped from low altitude Orca dropships. They subscribe very much to the Mont'Ka battle philosophy, striking fast when and where they can.

Shas'Ka Nan is a very proficient fighter, and in the absence of inspiring Ethereals, takes to the field personally to lead his troops. However, he realises his strengths in strategic planning are limited, and for each mission consults greatly  with his bonded friend and trusted second in command, Shas'O Kais-Eoro (Tr: Skilled Leader). Kais-Eoro, by contrast, prefers a rear-guard drop assault with his fusion blaster crisis bodyguard, taking out key strategic targets whilst the commander is reaping havoc in the centre of the enemy.