Notable Military Force

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Waaagh Snazgutz

Notable Military Force

"We iz da biggest and baddest orks in da sector and dat includes dat grot Nuzzgrond and we showed dem Hawk beakies who was boss.  Soon we will show dem all who is boss, da umies, da beakies and da gribblies."
- incepted ork signal, M41.XXX0211

Unfortunately it appears that Waa-Snazgutz is gaining momentum especially after its recent victory at Anchorage. Plans must be formulated to stop this Waaagh in its tracks as recent assasination attempts by Imperial and in fact internal agents have been unsuccessful. Strategies are being employed to forment internal division within the xenos but the effects seem negligible at present – what division exists seems not to be a result of Imperial efforts.

Contingency plans are being formed.