Slaanesh daemons painted the easy way


Following on from my article on painting Nurgle daemons, here's a quick guide to painting Slaanesh daemons. It's not a 'traditional' Slaanesh colour scheme, but it does use some colours normally associated with the Dark Prince, as well as allowing the two different daemonic factions to look good together on the table top.

The formula I used is below. It uses old Citadel paints unless specified otherwise (a conversion chart to the new paints can be found here).

  • Army Painter 'Leather Brown' undercoat
  • Tanned Flesh drybrush
  • Tallern Flesh drybrush
  • Elf Flesh drybrush (heavy drybrush on 'hair')
  • Details*
  • A watered down Leviathan Purple wash (covering skin and details)
  • Desert Yellow and Skull White on eyes


* And for the details...

  • Dwarf Bronze on all metal chains and blades
  • Tentacle Pink on claws, followed by 3:1 Tentacle Pink:Skull White drybrush
  • Red Gore on the loincloths
  • Adeptus Battlegrey on horns, and feet claws
  • Scorched Brown on all leather straps 


Slaanesh Daemons

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