Nurgle daemons painted the easy way


I've recently started work on a Daemon army for the PCRC's Tale of Eight Gamers  project. Rather than the traditional green Nurgle Daemon skin that you often see, I wanted to try some more fleshy tones - well, rotting fleshy tones.

The formula I used is below. It uses Citadel paints unless specified otherwise.

  • Army Painter 'Leather Brown' undercoat
  • Tanned Flesh drybrush
  • Tallern Flesh drybrush
  • Elf Flesh drybrush
  • Details*
  • Devlan Mud wash (covering skin and details)
  • Leviathan Purple wash (covering skin and details)
  • Desert Yellow and Skull White on eyes

* And for the details...

  • Dwarf Bronze on all metal
  • Tentacle Pink on tounges, guts¬†and open wounds
  • Adeptus Battlegrey on horns, teeth and claws
  • Scorched Brown on all wood and leather straps, bandages, etc
  • Adeptus Battlegrey followed by Skull White drybrush on all trophy skulls

It's not the best of even the quickest technique, but it allowed me to paint 500 points to a good tabletop standard in an afternoon, so I hope that someone might find it useful!