From the plasma-forges: Brother Dmitr of the Imperial Fists


In grimdark future, yellow scares *you*

<Inloading datasquirt +++ Operandus Tallarn Theatre +++>

To kick off this blog, here's an example of how I paint yellow – with a quick dose of Mango spray paint, followed by a Leviathan Purple wash. Purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so a subtle hint of it really helps the yellow to pop in the recesses, and helps knock back the 'glowing' effect that really bright yellow can have.

Of course, if you're after a luminous yellow, keep any purple right in the recesses – my personal taste is for quite muted, beaten-up looking models because I think this level of detail helps the illusion of distance. I think shading down from a light basecoat (in this case, a yellow spray) is the quickest approach for bright colours.

Brother Dmitr, WIP

Brethren, give them nothing...

Once the yellow was in place, I used a dilute mix of Dark Flesh and Warlock Purple for the deepest recesses (this mix is a deep, warm grey that doesn't kill the yellow), and slapped on some black.

...but take from them *everything*!

I've used various mixes of Warlock Purple and Skull White for the eyes, and note that I've painted the 'ears' black. This'll eventually narrow the head down, adding to the illusion of the model's overall height. It's also an example of tonal balance – I want plenty of very dark areas to act as counterpoint to the vibrant yellow. This contrast is what'll give the finished model some 'oomph'!

Needs a lot of tidying up, dirtying up, detailing and general work, but I'm pretty pleased with the colour so far. Not sure what to do with the loincloth at the mo – I was going to add chequers, but that might look a little 'Lamenter'. Any ideas? :)