Bob Hunk's painting tips #5 - Ork skin


Paints you will need:

Snot green, Thraka green, Goblin green, Rotting flesh.

How it's done:

Before you start using this method on your Orks, I should point out that it isn't a quick method, but rather time consuming. Applying this technique to a large mob of Gretchin nearly drove me nuts. You have been warned. ;) Having said all that, it does look rather spiffy when you're done.

  1. Paint all the areas of skin with a solid coat of Snot green.
  2. Once the Snot green has dried, paint the skin with a wash of Thraka green. Make sure the Thraka green has dried completely before moving onto the enxt stage.
  3. Paint all the raised areas of skin - muscles, fingers, facial features, etc. - with another coat of Snot green, leaving the Thraka green wash still visible in the recesses.
  4. Now paint all the raised areas of skin with a 50:50 mix of Snot green:Goblin green. Make sure you leave a little of the previous coat of Snot green visible around the edge of the raised skin areas.
  5. Repeat step four, this time with a 2:1 mix of Snot green:Rotting Flesh. Remember to leave some of the previous layer visible around the edges.
  6. Finally, paint a thin line of 2:1 Rotting Flesh:Snot green along the top of any sharp raised areas of flesh. This will be areas such as knuckles, cheek bones and noses.