Bob Hunk's painting tips #6 - Ork teeth


Paints you will need:

Scorched brown, Bestial brown, Snakebite Leather, Bleached Bone.

How it's done:

Before you start using this method on your Orks, I should point out that it isn't a quick method, but rather time consuming, perhaps even more so than my previously detailed method of painting skin. But again, it does look rather good when you're done.

  1. Paint all the teeth in Scorched brown. Each of the following stages will require you to paint each tooth individually, leaving a tiny amount of the previous shade visible around the base of the tooth.
  2. Paint each tooth Bestial brown.
  3. Paint each tooth Snakebite Leather.
  4. Paint each tooth a 50:50 mix of Snakebite Leather:Bleached Bone.
  5. Paint each tooth Bleached Bone. The majority of each tooth should now be Bleached Bone, with a tiny amount of each previous stage visible around the base of the tooth.

Have fun! :)