Bob Hunk's painting tips #4 - Lenses


Paints you will need:

Scab red, Blood red, Fiery orange, Skull white.

How it's done:

This one is tricky to explain, but is quite quick and easy when you get the hang of the technique. It works well for the lenses on Space Marines, Eldar, Fire Warriors and pretty much anyone else. Be warned though, you'll need an extra fine detail brush for this one.

  1. Paint the whole lens Scab red.
  2. Now paint two thirds of the lens in Blood red. This should be the lower right two thirds if painting the left eye or central eye, OR the lower left two thirds if painting the right eye. In either case the upper third of the lens that is furthest from centre of the face should remain Scab red.
  3. Paint a thin strip of Fiery orange along bottom edge of the lens, diagonally opposite to the area that is still Scab red.
  4. Finally, paint a single dot of Skull white in the middle of the area that is still Scab red. If it is an especially large lens, e.g. on an Ork Deff Dread, you may wish to do a second smaller dot of Skull white diagonally below and towards the centre of the face from the first, but still in the Scab red.

Alternative paints:

This guide assumes you are doing red lenses, but green or blue or indeed any colour are also possible using this technique. All you need are dark, medium and light shades of the same colour. Recommended colours for green and blue lenses are as follows:

Dark Angels green, Goblin green, Rotting Flesh, Skull white.

Regal blue, Enchanted blue, Ice blue, Skull white.