Bob Hunk's painting tips #1 - Painting gun metal


Paints you will need:

Boltgun metal, Chainmail, Badab black

How it's done:

Painting gun metal can be done very simply and quickly if you're not interested in your basic line troops having fancy decorated guns.

  1. Starting with a black undercoat, cover the entire gun in a solid coat of boltgun metal.
  2. Highlight along the edge of any raised areas with a thin line of chainmail.
  3. One the metallic paints are dry, apply a coat of Badab black.

It really is as simple as that! The black wash will apply shading, giving your guns that classic Grimdark(TM) look. Note that this method can also be used to reasonable effect on medium sized Ork vehicles such as Deffkoptas, Dreads and Kans.