Bob Hunk's painting tips #2 - A quick method of painting white armour


Paints you will need:

Shadow grey, Space Wolves grey, Skull white

How it's done:

I used this technique to churn out quite a lot of Deathwing quickly. There are probably better methods, but this technique is all about speed. You'll end up with a cool/neutral looking white. This will work best on armour, such as that of Space Marines or Tau.

  1. Over a black undercoat, cover the model in a solid coat of Shadow grey.
  2. Paint raised areas of the armour in Space Wolves grey, leaving the Shadow grey in the recesses.
  3. Paint a thinned down coat of Skull white over the raised areas of armour, leaving both previously applied shades of grey visible in and around the edges of the recesses.
  4. Paint another thinned down coat of Skull white, as described above.