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The Brightsword Protectorate

The Brightsword Protectorate is a tau-led coalition of worlds, armed forces and space fleets. Headed by Aun'El Si'Ot Lon, the Protectorate represents the power of T'au in the Antona Australis sector.

The Protectorate is a fluid entity, but battlelines are being drawn across the north of the Starfire sub-sector and along the Eastern reaches of the Scallop Stars.

Notable locations in this region

Large spacecraft
Planetary System
  • Ceti
  • Zen'Traed
  • Cabidas
Planetary System
  • Chac'Tun
Planetary System
Planetary System
  • Lon'war
  • C'roe'rt
Planetary System
  • Mourning Spirit
  • Restless Spirit/Doran
  • Iron Spirit
  • Barren Spirit