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Planetary System

A bustling and metropolitan system, Bath'al contains seven Tau planets, all united as the Bath'al Sept owing to their shared settlement date. The system is amongst the oldest of the Tau-held territories in the region.

+Principal planets+

  • Bath'cea houses the Important Temple of Inner Thought, a place of secular pilgrimage for the Water Caste.
  • A hot, dusty world; well suited to the Tau physiology, Bath'cur is the most populous world in the system. 
  • Rumoured to be a weapons-testing facility, El'hanan is dotted with universities and places of higher learning.
  • Bath'Shiba is home to the Sheeban species; an advanced civilisation that joined the Tau after a short period of warfare.
  • The inhabitants of Da'ya claim the planet to be the site of the Tau's first non-military base in the region. This is contested by a number of other Septs.
  • Kalbimin Prime is the sole planet that remains independent of the Empire. A dark oceanic world, it is inhabited by a Saharduin shoal-colony who have ignored all attempts at communication and vigorously attack any probes or Tau landing parties.

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