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Height of Reason

Planetary System

Height of Reason is a shimmering jewel in the crown of Tzi'Na, an accolade earned solely by the presence of the aquatic planet Mar'Ina. This world is entirely submerged, but with vast, rippling shallows which are home to a gargantuan network of coral reefs. When the Brightsword T'au first arrived on Mar'Ina, the coral was suffering from a creeping disease. Reluctant to let such a beautiful thing fade, scientists from the Earth Caste developed a method of amputating the ailing branches and grafting new coral into the breaches. With time and care, the reefs were healed and their T'au custodians grew to love them so much that they formed an offshoot branch of architecture and engineering to shape the reefs into habitable structures. As years passed the structures grew in size and complexity and Mar'Ina developed an enduring native T'au population.

This location is part of

Tzi'na Enclave
Xenos territory

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