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Planetary System

The Dolor system contains two principal planets; Dolor and Dolor Minor; both of which orbit a brown dwarf star, also called Dolor.

Previously an Imperial hiveworld, Dolor is a major tau stronghold in the sector. The planet was the testing ground for Shas'El Sa'cea Kauyon Hun'k, who emerged victorious from the desperate urban fighting of what the locals term the Dolor Debacle (known to Imperial sympathisers as the Unfortunately Expired Grand All-Conquering Dolor Crusade), under the watchful eye of his mentor Aun'El K'myar'sa. This cosmopolitan world includes a number of Gue'la human regiments. The Imperium maintains that these are not traitor regiments, but rather specially-bred vat-grown clones. The observing Aun'El, Por'O and Fio'O of the Brightsword Campaign promote Tau'lor as a haven for all races sympathetic to the Greater Good. The planet has become a major seat for tau propaganda - and a thorn in the side for Imperial sympathisers. Visitors to the former hiveworld are often struck by the beauty of the reclaimed cities; most notably the capital, V'yel (Glory), renamed from the Imperial 'Dismay'. V'yel is a city entirely supported by geothermic lances, and has the appearance of an upturned mountain. Tourists expecting leave to visit the Imperial Hives are often disappointed to hear that all but one of the hives has been declared out-of-bounds for citizens of the tau empire; and rumours abound that the Tau engineers are struggling with the monumental task of beautifying the planet... 

Tau'lor's sibling, Dolor Minor is a small deadworld. Structures on the planet were initially described as habitations and buildings, but this has since been discredited owing to their impossible age, and are now recorded in official literature only as 'structures'. The planet is theoretically so small that a relatively fit guardsman could walk the circumference of the world in less than a week. In practice, any platoon deployed on the surface not only reports strange optical effects regarding the apparant horizon; but invariably disappears within hours. The Inquisition have placed a No Contact zone around the system, and it is believed that Inquisitor Albera Vogel Terentius of the Ordo Invigilatus was the last human to make groundfall. No contact has been made with her since initial reports.


[Transappend note:] Known as Tau'lor to the Tau

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