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Paint...Where we're going we don't need paint!


Trojan Ninja
Real name: 
About him: 

After falling TV ratings, the PCRC producers came up with the one tried and tested solution to the problem - Introduce the "wacky" long lost cousin. After several lengthy, drawn-out auditions, interviews and talent competitions, Trojan Ninja was selected on the basis that he had nothing better to do. He now resides in a trailer with 5 amputee pomeranians and his goldfish "Andrew". On the TV Show he can be found carrying out surprise redecoration of the PCRC house, sitting in his pants when the others bring girls home and utilising his now infamous catchphrase "That's going to sting in the morning!"

In reality he works for the government and if he said any more he would have to kill you.

"What I really want to do is...."
"I promise I'll get all my models painted in time..."
"I'm not going to buy any more Space Marines."

Army Information

Armies Played: 
Space Marines

Getting to know you

Least favourite model ever: 
Original Dark Eldar Mandrakes (Nipples!!!)
Personal GW bugbear: 
Requiring a small mortgage to be able to buy 5 minis.
Favourite Arnie Quote: 

Hasta la Vista, baby.

What ONE superhero power would you have?: 
Telekinesis so that i can always reach the remote control.
Second most embarassing hobby: 
Entering endurance events and then not training. Embarrassing because I'm a wreck afterwards!