Space region

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A small subsector, surrounded by wilderness space, coreward of Anton Antecedent. Largely unpopulated. Notable planetary systems include Aviar, home of the Emperor's Hawks chapter of space marines.

The subsector takes its name from the vaguely avian constellation formed by the brightest stars, when viewed from the galactic core.

Ascension -100; declenation -250; widdershins drift +/-1

Notable locations in this region

Planetary System
  • Cambylon
  • Veet Ling
  • D-F-0-0
Planetary System
  • Halicarnas
Planetary System
  • Aviar (Ornithar II)
  • Ornithar I
  • Ornithar III
  • Ornithar IV
  • Ornithar V
Natural phenomena
  • Wandering Spirit