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Planetary System

Halicarnas  Secondary forge-grade world that services the Ornithas subsector.

While not badly-polluted, the dry grasslands, and scrub-desert of the world are hostile to unmodified humans. The thin atmosphere allows vast quantities of ultraviolet and x-ray radiation from the star through the surface, and the planet is thus rife with rad zones. The proximity of the star and the shallow nature of the world-seas means that scouring dust-storms howl through during the dry season, while terrible lightning storms roll through during the wet. In addition, macro-predators such as the Halicarnassan Velocipede and the Greater Imperial Roc mean that anything less well-protected than the super-heavy caravans which travel between regions are apt to be attacked and destroyed.

Lacking influence or unique exports, the Halicarnan Government relies upon a vast number of tenuous links and micro-tradepacts with other Imperial worlds in the sector. Halicarnas is dotted with macro-scale manufactories and Munitorum-controlled bureaucratic cities. A number of these constitute proto-hives; with the two largest – Zephon and Tithe – explicitly graded as hives. 


A number of proto-hives were depopulated during the War of Halicarnassan Succession; a conflict that escalated quickly, and was eventually decided by opposing Titan Legions.

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