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Wanderering Spirit

Natural phenomena

The planet of Wandering Spirit is said to have become detached from its home system sometime in M29 for reasons which are not recorded. Whatever those reasons may have been, this planet now exists simply as a dark ball of rock hurtling through space – and is large enough to support life. The planet is highly volcanic and as a result it manages to sustain an (admittedly frigid) atmosphere despite the lack of a nearlby star. The frigid atmosphere contrasts starkly with the hot, magnetic surface.

Long-range sensor sweeps show that the planet still harbors plant and other life, possibly xenos and possibly hostile. The strangest quirk, however, is that the sensor sweeps also detect localised force fields or void shields of some kind, as well as what could be ancient planetary defences. Repeated sweeps have shown no change in power output however, which suggests that whoever or whatever set up this ancient technology set up a system which was so long-lasting that it has simply endured longer than its creators. An alternative theory holds that whatever mysterious catastrophe befel this place killed all sentient life.

The Eldar of Ctho and the Imperial Fleet – and rumours have it, the Fell Powers – have taken an interest in this place of perpetual darkness. The planet may have been important in the past for the Eldar and may be important for the future of the Imperium in the sector. 

Estimates of its course and speed remain classified by the imperium – which suggest to some scaremongers that it may not be heading in a favourable direction...

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