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Junker Space

Corewards of Hesiod-Siculus, Junker Space is a tiny subsector dominated by ork pirate fleets that periodically emerge, and are driven back to, the Scallop Stars. The area is considered 'no-go' for Imperial citizens, and orks from this area continually predate upon shipping between Anton Antecedent and Hesiod-Siculus.

Junker Space has become of some import to the sectorial government, as it has provided a baffle against the propaganda efforts of the Brightsword Protectorate, retarding their expansion corewards. Most Imperial systems – and many minor Xenos-held worlds – prefer the certainty of protection under the Pax Imperium than the unproven promises of the Tau. This is a two-edged sword for the Imperium, however, as the orks also prevent ready reinforcement from the Coreward subsectors.

Notable locations in this region

Planetary System
  • Amorica
Large spacecraft
Planetary System
Planetary System
  • Weedysnik
  • M-W-14-01
  • M-W-16-01
  • Hammerfall