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Woden's Niç

Planetary System

Woden's Niç (a corrupted approximation of the orkish 'Weedysnik') is also the name of the systems primary habitable planet, which is a minor ork-held world.  


Weedysnik's orks are unusually willing to communicate with other species, and prepared to talk terms before fighting: extremely unusual for orks!

The system contains four other planets – two of which are gas giants – and several moons. Few of these have been properly investigated and all of which are presumed uninhabited.


The exception is Hammerfall, a disused Imperial forward post which has seen recent seismic activity. This dwarf planet is scheduled for investigation and purgation.


Recent intelligence states that the orks in the sytem may be trading with other Xenos. The sightings of Tau and Frell equipment in ork military units may force a reappraisal of Weedysnik's population...

This location is part of

Junker Space
Xenos territory

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