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Large spacecraft

Cleared of Archenemy by orks under Kaptin Slitgouga, the notorious Space Hulk Feverdream termed Krorksnaga by its current inhabitants currently holds a geostationary position above the orphan gas giant H-G-26-01, and provides an iniquitous den for Freebootaz and pirates alike. It currently rejoices in the title Krorksnaga, and has been haphazardly steered to ork-controlled Junker Space.

Unfortunately for Slitgouga (or fortunately, given the orks' perverse love of warfare), Feverdream is akin to a religious ikon to Archenemy in the sector; being regarded as something like a reliquary for an ancient warlord. Doubtless they plan, even now, to reclaim their filthy prize.

This location is part of

Junker Space
Xenos territory

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