Dramatis personae

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Snazgutz the Corpulent

Dramatis personae

Observations of the ork warlord designated 'Snazgutz'

The ork warlord Snazgutz is remarkably large, even by ork standards, and also of a significant age.  It seems that he has only decided later in life to go on a mad crusade to rebuild what he claims is his ancestral kingdom. The respected Karmino Gamin of the Officio Strategos famously declared that 'if it were not for his laziness he could be the most powerful ork warlord in the sector' in his Tactical Despatches, the posthumously-published manual which successfully and accurately predicted the dates and extent of numerous assaults from the Scallop Stars.

His bulk and retinue protect him and if spotted this should be considered a sign that an attack is coming. Snazgutz is extraordinaily wealthy, standing out even amongst the Bad Moons that make up the bulk of his tribe.

Snazgutz has recently survived a number of assasination attempts – both by Imperial agents and by his own allies – and, as a result, has become slightly more wary. It ought to borne in mind that this is wariness measured by greenskin standards: his recent victory celebrations with regards to the conquering of Anchorage could be heard from low orbit.

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