Notable Military Force

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Waaagh Gogwort

Notable Military Force

This force is headed by the infamous Gogwort Ugfug, self-proclaimed 'prophet of Mork'. Gogwort is rumoured to be one of the largest ork warlords ever, and heads an enormous tide of orks. His name translates literally as 'mushroom of the gods'. As orks are fungoid, we can assume that it is orkish for 'chosen one', 'golden child' or even 'saint'.

Ugfug is still essentially a Bad Moon warlord – obsessed with firepower and all manner of exceptionally elaborate equipment. His armies are renowned for featuring large numbers of meks and weirdboyz, and as such can be highly unpredictable and potentially devestating.

Strike forces from Waaagh Gogwort often contain large numbers of fast and noisy vehicles, deemed 'ded flash' by the orks driving and riding in them. Due to the large number of meks in the forces, you can almost guarantee that the majority of these vehicles will be kitted out with all kinds of fantastic, unpredictable, and experimental equipment and weaponry.