Dramatis personae

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Snaggagog Mekteef

Dramatis personae

As the craziest Big Mek in the Scallop Stars, Snaggagog Mekteef is 'Da Gogwort's' chief mekanik. Boss Mekteef is often seen at the head of ork strike forces from Waaagh Gogwort. If he is involved you can guarantee two things;

1: There will be some highly desirable piece of technology involved at some level. He'll either be testing it, searching for it, or hoping to 'acquire' it.

2: The ork force will contain a large number of unpredictable, unstable prototype vehicles, armour and weaponry.

Being a Badmoon at heart, he is quite easily recognised. He is a huge ork and often wears bright yellow robes and a helmet with huge horns. His personal back banner iconography is a skull and crossed spanners, and he will usually be wielding some vastly powerful and highly unpredictable prototype energy weapon. His large entourage of grots and squigs will often accompany him, and he is often seen leading a mob of Flash Gitz, all sporting his latest and craziest prototype weapons.

Associated military force