Dramatis personae

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Shas'El Gal'Ray

Dramatis personae

Shas'el Gal'Ray loosely translates as 'Discovers by walking' – so named for his propensity to engage in spirit walks alone through the desert. His natural tracking skills and inquisitive nature make him ideal as a reconaissance force leader. Commander Starblade uses him in this role frequently when he or his second are unavailable.

Gal'Ray is pictured here equipped with an Airbursting Fragmentation Launcher and Burst Cannon to deal with light and heavy infantry targets. Typically using his suits rapid jet pack to scout ahead of the main force, or dropping in with his bodyguard behind enemy lines from an Orca dropship, Gal'Ray engages his enemies at close range, picking off sentries or scout units with the precision provided by superior Tau technology and training.

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