Notable Conflicts

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The Hyperion Gambit

Notable conflict

Alien eyes have long coveted the Hyperion Warp Corridor, but the Sentinel worlds of the Imperium have kept it safe for over seven thousand years. It seemed to the Imperial governors that the corridor was safe from annexation and so let their guns sit idle and their guards grow lazy.

The Brightsword Protectorate had long looked to expand its holdings in the sector, but the numerous warp storms and disturbances made access for their relatively primitive skip-drives near-impossible. If they could secure the Hyperion Corridor, they could access the sector much more easily.

A force was gathered and drove from the Brightsword Enclaves deep into the Clausentum sub-sector, skilfully avoiding detection until they reached high orbit around the isolated planet of Yoke, an agriworld of great import to the Imperial sentinels worlds. If Yoke fell, starvation would be rife – creating a wave of popular resentment in the already strictly-controlled and repressed Sentinel worlds.


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