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Planetary System

This system contains two major planets – Braun VI and Yoke, both gas giants. The pict-capture above shows gaspod-harvesting in the upper atmosphere of Yoke.


Braun VI

Unusually, this planet is both a forgeworld and a fortress world; dedicated strongly to the Omnissiah (rather than the Machine God). Braun VI forms the sector's main defence; supporting both the sector fleet and the Legio Validus titan legion.

Suspended hive cities dot the surface, buffeted by the winds; but most production takes place on the dozens of satellites, principally High Mark, Servitude, Ymir and Ghost Point.

Numerous military forces are based in the system, notably the Legio Validus and the Braun skitarii, of whom the Yellow Engines – the II Skitarii – are best-known.

Ymir is a rocky satellite roughly equivalent in size and displacement to Holy Mars, and as such houses the great Engines of Legio Validus. It lacks an atmosphere and is scoured by solar radiation. Only the Engines themselves, protected by their banks of void shields, can survive on the surface, and the great mass of the population is housed in deep underground warrens, which plunge deep towards the warming heart of the core. Ymir produces vast quantities of men and materiel for the war effort, and specialises in las, crys-stack and melta technology, used sector-wide in everything from cooling units to power generators.

High Mark is a larger satellite with bands of artifical atmosphere ringing the temperate zones of the equator. Huge mobile conurbations amble across the planet, ensuring they are always leeward of radiation from the Ares Effulgent, the system's Blue Giant star. High Mark is the principal manufacturer of ambulatory technology in the sector, and enjoys the patronage of the Divisio Cybernetica as a result. The moon has a resultant military bias and has a glorious history of battle in the name of the Omnissiah.

Ghost point is a smaller satellite that holds the system's High Altar, a depository of the collected knowledge of the Anton Australis Sector. The knowledge is of course backed-up and reproduced on every Adeptus Mechanicus major outpost, but Ghost Point has the most glorious cathedrals to the Machine God, and is the seat of the sector Fabricator General. The planet is ringed with defence satellites, and a geo-stationary ring holds ten-thousand Praetorian skitarii in stasis, ready to be unleashed on hapless invaders at the stroke of a noospheric signal.



This is a supporting agri-world. Sparsely populated, great hypnonets are dragged through the upper atmosphere by skiffs, and the gaspods are harvested. Possessed of a tangy flavour, these are readily rendered down into protein to feed the workers of the system.

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Imperial Sub-sector
Braun VI
Ghost Point
High Mark

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