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Yie Emseeay

Planetary System

The Yie Emseeay system is a backwater system of no strategic importance with a lone planet orbiting a single star whose colour changes from year to year.  The system forms part of the Watson constellation when viewed from Grosvenor 6.

Nonetheless Yie Emseeay supports a number of interesting features and rumours which may warrant further investigation.  The physical features of its main planet are striking – due to a combination of solar and magnetic disturbances, the lone planet in the system is wreathed in constituent spectral colours* in both the upper and lower atmospheres.  There is speculation that these effects have had a negative effect on both the birth rate and the fertility rate which are very low for a planet of its population.  The planet provides part of its tithe in unusually well-suited male construction workers, guardsmen and recruit level arbites who affectionally call their planet 'the village'***.

Various factions have though for reasons known only to them taken an interest in the system in the past.  The Dark Angel chaplain He-Who-Rides-The-Bull-And-Lives may have spent some time here (some say he fought battles here for ritual purposes wearing only ceremonial garb).  The Adeptes Arbites maintain a major presence here and have reported sightings of non aggresive eldar construction workers (what would they be building?) in addition to various space marine chapters listed below.

Rumour has it that for reasons known only to them, there are a number of small contingents of Space Marines (scouting? training? pentinence?) based on Vicus Primary. These include the White Scar Biker Arghun Bhak as well as a number of Dark Angels, a 'handful' of Imperial Fists and three hundred** or so Rainbow Warriors.

*Its basically a rainbow planet

**These numbers are likely exaggerated.

***Vicus Primary locals are not usually popular in the system where they end up, (due to their strange accents and attire), and have acquired the derogatory term 'Village People'.

This location is part of

Anton Antecedent
Imperial Sub-sector
Populus Vicus Primary

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