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Venn'Tradi is an unusual combination of warfleet and diplomatic space station – fiercely defended, but lumbering and slow by Imperial standards. Kor'O Galli'Free commands the orbitting fleet; and this conservative admiral keeps his forces close, having suffered numerous ships heavily damaged or destroyed in sorties against both Imperial and ork fleets.

Positioned just outside the heliosphere of the Monstrous system, Venn'Tradi is open to all races that can reach it. It forms a nominally neutral meeting place for all the species of the sector under the auspices of its builders and primary sponsors, the Brightsword Protectorate. It has been the location for at least seven minor space battles – including the loss of the S'a'traap, Kor'O Galli'Free's flagship. 

Imperial shipping is potentially vulnerable to Tau patrols, but pressures and concerns elsewhere – not least the increasing pressure of ork raiders from the Scallop Stars and in the inexorable approach of Hivefleet Dagon – have so far prevented a concerted assault by the Sectorial and Subsectorial fleets. Venn'Tradi is judged by Imperial intelligence to have poor offensive capabilities, so for the time being, it is fairly safe.

Venn'Tradi is hugely important to Tau morale in the sector, and Taskforce Warhound monitors it for signs of weakness. Of course, Kor'O Galli'Free has no intention of losing a second encounter with the Imperials, and has reinforced his air and naval forces considerably. In any case that's no moon – it's a fully operational battlestation! So far Venn'Tradi has not suffered any more than half-hearted attacks from the Orks of Waa-Snazgutz, but as the last bastion of order in the system, it's only a matter of time before the full force of the green tide crashes against Kor'O Galli'Free's defences.

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